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Five Reasons to be a Mentor

Posted 25 May 2017

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The primary purpose of being a mentor is to assist and enable people to make their own way through future tasks. This could be helping them prepare for a new role, guiding them through new tasks or overcoming problems that may arise in their role.

Being a mentor is among the most satisfying roles out there and requires you to be as willing and as committed as possible to support the person you are mentoring to achieve their goals. Here are five key reasons why we at learndirect think you should pursue a career in mentoring and take a mentor training course with us.

Leaving a positive impact:

The key motivator for becoming a mentor is the positive impact you can leave on the individual you are mentoring, as you guide them in the best way towards their own success. This could be life changing for them as not only are you assisting with driving their career in the right direction but you are potentially making them a happier and more accomplished individual.

Sharing your passion:

During the mentoring process an opportunity arises for you to share your passion and expertise. Through sharing your thoughts and insights on a particular subject, as well as actually guiding the individual towards success, you can build motivation and enthusiasm in the person you are mentoring.

You feel accomplished:

Whilst mentoring someone you are continually helping them to become the best that they can be in a particular role, leading to a strong feeling of accomplishment as you watch this individual develop themselves with your help. It is also a perfect opportunity to develop yourself and watch yourself grow further adding to the feeling of accomplishment.

Opportunity to develop your key skills:

Mentoring provides a great opportunity to develop your own key skills while assisting others. Communication is key between a mentor and their student and good communication requires developed listening and speaking skills. Developing these skills will assist you in mentoring others in the future as well as any other role you might have. Mentoring is also a great opportunity to develop leadership skills as you lead the student towards their goals.

Building your own confidence:

Mentoring can be a huge boost to your own confidence as you continue to help others. Through sharing your experiences and communicating with the individual you are developing good practice, experience and confidence for speaking to others. These are all skills which can just as easily be translated into your own work with the potential to drive you towards your own success.


These are just a few reasons why you should take up a career as a mentor however, there are many more benefits. Kick-start your mentoring career with our accredited ILM mentor training course.

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