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Is online learning right for you?

Posted 18 October 2016

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In a world of smartphones and smart homes, the way we can learn new information and complete qualifications has changed to become so much more than chalk and talk.

From short quizzes on Buzzfeed to digital degree courses, online learning and testing has changed beyond recognition.

But is online learning the right route for you? Check out some of the views from our experts – hopefully these will help you decide!!

Online learning is accessible

You can log into your course from wherever you are in the world and at what whatever time of day works for you.  So this means you don’t need to factor in more travel to fit studying into your life, a huge positive if you are already working or have family commitments: no more scrabbling for babysitters!

Online learning can be cheaper

Learning online can offer you savings, not just in terms of fuel, bus fare and babysitters...you will need less books as resources are already built into the course…plus you will save time as you can learn from wherever works for you.

Most importantly, fees can be cheaper and there is the option to pay with an advanced learner loan.

Learning in the classroom is more social

You might think that because you’re learning online from your own home that you’ll get less support, or even that you won’t be able to share your ideas and questions with other students. This isn’t true. Many even most online learning platforms integrate forums and other sharing and social elements to courses, giving you the chance to chat and get feedback from your tutors and fellow students no matter what time of day it is.

Technical skills are not necessarily a must

You’ll need to be comfortable with your PC or tablet and the internet generally to complete your course but most systems, especially learndirect Professional are intuitive and we offer help to get you started and keep you on track.

More choice and flexibility

Like many online learning platforms, our learndirect Professional Development site has a wide range of online courses, with more being added all the time, so you have plenty to choose from. Get browsing to see what interests you most…

No fuss, no waiting!

The other advantage of learning online is you don’t need to wait for a new term or intake to begin. If you are ready to start now - then what are you waiting for? You can enrol today!

Generally, you will have less face to face interaction with other learners and your support tutors, although you can keep in touch online. If you’re considering starting one of our online professional development courses, be honest about what will work for you, completing your course will be more dependent on how motivated you are. Schools out, so it’s all about you now. Which will you choose?

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