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When is a loan, not a loan?

Posted 24 November 2016

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A loan is something that always has to be paid back, right? Well, sometimes, no. Let’s talk you through a short scenario…

Say hello to Bob. Bob lives in England and is 20. He signed up to do an Access to Higher Education Diploma (Level 3) in Social Work and funded it with an Advanced Learner Loan. When he’d completed his qualification he had the skills and requirements to progress onto a degree course. Once this was finished, the outstanding balance of the initial Advanced Learner Loan was written off. Well done, Bob!

So, if you are considering an Access to Higher Education Diploma and are keen to get into Uni, read on…

We can support you to achieve your learning goals, and if you fit the eligibility criteria, this may not cost you a penny!

Our range of Access to Higher Education diplomas are from recognised UK awarding organisations that are moderated by Ofqual and are QAA recognised at Level 3. The breadth of topics you can choose from is vast from Personal Training, Accounting to Health and Social Care!

You can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of online learning, plan your study around your lifestyle and you’ll have access to a dedicated tutor to help you succeed and progress.

What more do you need to follow your dream career? You can enrol easily and apply for your Advanced Learner Loan today!
Just remember, the degree course doesn’t have to be on the same topic as the Access to Higher Education course, but both will need to be completed successfully to cancel the re-payment of your initial Advanced Learner Loan.

Eligibility criteria:

  • You are aged between 19-23
  • This is your first Level 3 qualification
  • You live in England
  • You successfully complete your access to higher education diploma and progress onto and complete a high education qualification, for example, a university degree.


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