Boost the skills of your organisation with our professional development qualifications

Boost the skills of your organisation with our professional development qualifications

Our suite of courses and qualifications will support your employees advance their career and help you attract and retain people with the skills you need!

Our courses

All of our professional development courses are flexible and delivered online, so your employees can study at home, or at work, in their own time or during working hours. Pretty much anywhere there's an internet connection.

And with support from our knowledgeable learner support team and expert assessors, they'll be in great hands! Find out more about funding and payments.

The benefits of boosting your employees' qualifications and skills

Providing opportunities for your employees to develop their knowledge, skills and resources makes good business sense - and not just for filling a skills gap.

Faced with the eternal reality of an on-going skills crisis, businesses have found that the solution partly lies with retraining the employees they already have. Up-skilling your existing staff is not just about responding to the current market situation - it can also help your prepare for the future as the UK's workforce undergoes a demographic shift.

What do professional development courses cost?

With a range of payment options including government-backed Advanced Learner Loans or even fully-funded training for some staff, our team will work closely with you to develop a package that's right for your business and work out what funding options are available.

Learning online

Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) uses the very latest technology to provide a seamless, interactive learning experience for your employees. Access all the resources you need at home, or on your mobile device.

Why choose learndirect?

learndirect is the UK's largest integrated provider of skills, training, Apprenticeships and employment services. We're committed to inspiring people to learn, do and be more and are the total learning provider of choice for employers across the country. We can help boost the confidence and efficiency of your staff through new skills and qualifications.

Getting started

Our friendly team of experts will help you identify the most appropriate courses to boost your business and help you discover what funding might be available to you or your employees. To get started, simply request a call-back or call us on 0800 101 901.


Lack of learning and development is 3 x more likely to be the reason for employees leaving than pay or benefits.

By 2024, around 54% of people in employment are expected to be qualified at level 4 and above.

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